Welcome To Crossroads Care

Crossroads is a local charity that helps support sick or disabled children and adults, children/young people who care for a family member as well as helping elderly isolated people who could go a whole week without speaking to anyone.

We are a diverse charity whose sole purpose is to make life easier for people who are forgotten about.

Our In Your Prime project aims to attract mature people who are willing to support and encourage elderly people who may be alone due to a bereavement or inadequate support. Elderly people may be house bound and unable to access available local services and as a result are at risk of exclusion, isolation and loneliness. Isolation and loneliness can lead to depression and ill health amongst elderly people. Through connecting with volunteers the elderly will build their confidence, reduce isolation and as a result improve their health. In turn our volunteers will also have an opportunity to contribute their skills and experience to planning, developing and delivering this project.

We were the first charity in Northern Ireland to recognise the vital role children play in caring for an ill/disabled family member on a daily basis. Crossroads Young Carers Project’s aim is to provide support for children who ‘care’ for another member of their family who may be ill, disabled, have mental health problems or an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

If you are a business and would like to partner with one of our projects please contact Richard Best on 028 9181 4363 or by emailing rbest@crossroadscare.co.uk