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What support do Crossroads provide?

We provide support in the following areas:

  • Personal care


    Washing/skin care, dry shaving, hair care, oral hygiene (brushing teeth/dentures), incontinence care/stoma care, dressing/undressing.


    Wet shaving, nail cutting, ear syringing, bowel evacuation, invasive techniques (intravenous injections, suppositories, catheters, epi pens including insulin), manual handling without specialist equipment.

  • Socialisation / befriending service


    Engaging with the service user – taking out for socialisation, accompanying the service user to activities e.g. day centre.

  • Shopping

    We have a policy on handling Service Users money:

    • We do not handle bank cards or PIN codes.

    • An agreement is signed in advance, authorising a member of staff to be given cash to purchase your shopping. They will bring back shopping, change and receipts; recording any cash handling.

  • Daily living care


    Assisting with/supervision of medication (only if GP prescribed dispenser in a blister pack), getting in/out of bed, mobilising/transfers, preparation/assisting with preparation of meals, supervising eating, assisting with eating/feeding, assisting with drinking fluids, taking clients shopping*, laundry – putting laundry into machine/taking out of machine, bed making, washing up/putting dishes away following meal times.


    Tending to open fires, household chores (e.g. hovering stairs, cleaning windows), tasks which would require use of steps or ladders, accessing Service Users bank cards/PIN codes for shopping, collecting of pensions

  • Specialist care

    Specialist Care is only given when training has been provided by a registered nurse or health care professional and the Care Attendant has been signed off as competent.


    Peg feeds, stoma care, epilepsy medication management

How to get support

There are a number of ways you can get support from Crossroads Domiciliary. Access to domiciliary care is based on needs and risk assessments of the individual, regardless of how the support is initiated.

Health and Social Care Trust (HSC Trust)

A Care Plan is drawn up by the local HSC Trust for an individual, which is then referred onto Crossroads.

Self Directed Support (SDS)

Individuals are allocated a personal budget by their local HSC Trust, allowing them to plan and arrange how the care is provided themselves.

Private care

Individuals, or their family members, create Care Plan with Crossroads, tailored to their own specific needs.

We provide support in personal care, daily living care, specialist care and socialisation/befriending services, as set out at the top of this page.

To find out more about how to receive private care from Crossroads, please call our office on: 028 9065 3080.

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