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Find out more about our activity centre/sensory room.

We work closely with the carers and parents who bring our young clients to the centre to ensure that the children enjoy their experiences here at Crossroads. The children have become familiar with the staff and are excited to spend time with them. They have also developed friendships with other children in the activity room and it is a delight to see them playing together and enjoying each other’s company.

We have a state of the art Sensory room, where children of all ages can go and enjoy peaceful surroundings to suit each individual need. This is an incredibly popular room purpose-built with hoists to ensure all children can make the most of it!

With each new month, we introduce new themes in the Activity Centre/Sensory Room. Carers encourage the children to complete crafts linking in with various themes so that we could display their work around the centre – we have some beautifully creative displays by the children including winter snowflakes, out of this world aliens, Easter eggs and springtime flowers. The children also put their talents into creating treats to eat – they make things such as prickly chocolate hedgehogs cupcakes and spooky chocolate apples.

We celebrate many of the holidays over the year including Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Easter, Fathers Day, Halloween and Christmas. We have displays around the activity centre/sensory room for many of these such as Valentine love hearts, Easter eggs and a Halloween bat cave. As always, at Christmas, the centre is decorated with a snow-covered tree and underneath lie reindeer, polar bears and illuminated presents – complete with a Christmas gift for each child.

The Activity Centre also welcomes the Young Carers. We run activities and games nights for children between the ages of nine and fifteen so that carers and children could arrive at the centre with everything ready to enjoy a fun evening together.

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